Women Able from SABAL

Name: Amila Rokaya

Address: Palanta Rural Municipality ward no 3. ( Dhaulagoha VDC ward 3) Ramalmashta SABAL center

Group: Ramalmasta SABAL center operated by KIRDARC Nepal

Background (Family and geography): Palanta Rural municipality is a backward area. It is very far from district headquarter and there are more problems to live in Khin and Dhaulagoha. Lifestyle is very difficult in Palanta R.M. Here is not enough water to drink and to do irrigation. Mrs. Amila Rokaya is 45 years old and poor family member. She has total 6 family members among than two son, two daughter and husband. Son and daughters are studying in normal community school.

Past Situation: Mrs. Amila rokaya had married on small age in 17 years old. She had not knowledge about marriage and what to do in future. She gives born 4 children’s. She was illiterate women. Her husband has normal literacy status and he has not any business in village. So, They were are passing time by yearly seasonal business from India. Amila was also illiterate women. She had not knowledge about Nepali alphabet and account. But she had desire to learn Nepali alphabets. She take traditional culture Chhaupadi practice, untouchable practice, Child marriage.

(Statements of participants ) “Many many thanks to KIRDARC Nepal for give us opportunity to know about life skill and to do start business. I hope that KIRDARC helps to establish it types SABAL group in all wards of Palanta Rural Municipality.”

Present Situation: When organized SABAL class in her ward than she selected in this literacy for study and learn more fact. Now, She able to studying lesson of book, written letter and doing calculate her business account. And now she opening snacks and retail shop in local market center Raduneta. She is bale to take leadership in her community. She is easily put her view in community meeting. She has not traditional culture such as untouchable and Chhaupadi practice. She has knowledge about human rights, women rights, child marriage, domestic violence and gives and transfer inform for other illiterate women. And She is taking leadership in community such as user committee vital member and other awareness program lead. She is earning around Rs.20,000/- per month from her snacks and retail shop.

Cause of Change: Take knowledge about Nepali alphabets and numbers, usable facts, traditional culture, human rights, women rights, domestic violence, child marriage and business related knowledge from SABAL center. She earn knowledge about hygiene, sanitation, idea of business, leadership skill and women empowerment related factors in SABAL class. It was organized by KIRDARC Nepal.

Learning : Who take hard labor she/he receive success.

Further plan: She Has plan to do stablish of snacks and retail shop in Raduneta. And lead the women empowerment program of ward no 3 of Palanta Rural Municipality.

Collector : Jayamal Budha

Date: June 15, 2018


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