Naraharinath Rural Municipality declared as a Free and Compulsory Basic Education Rural Municipality

Naraharinath Rural Municipality of Kalikot, Karnali Province has been declared as a Free and Compulsory Basic Education(FCBE) Rural Municipality on 17th September 2018 in the presence of Chief Minister of Karnali Province, Mr. Mahendra Bahadur Shahi, Law and Internal Affairs Minister Mr. Naresh Bhandari, Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment Minister Mr. Nandasingh Budha, Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperative Minister Miss. Bimala K.C. and Member of Parliament Mr. Jeevan Budha . Similarly, the head/ representatives of government likeminded organizations, civil society, I/NGOs, rural municipality, educational stakeholders and students were present. KIRDARC Nepal, Kalikot has been working in this rural municipality since 2015 and as per CEMIS data 216 children were as out of school. In the close coordination to local government, project supported to formulate education act, strategy plan and support for child friendly sitting arrangement, drinking water, school building renovation and so on. To enroll these children in school, project conducted enrollment campaign in close coordination to local government finally all the children enrolled at school after necessary support through the project. All the schools and wards ensured and declared FCBE at first and finally Village Education Committee declared rural municipality as a FCBE rural municipality in Kalikot. This FCBE rural municipality is the first rural municipality in terms of Karnali Province and seventh rural municipality in the context of Nepal. The project is financially supported by Save the Children.


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