JAL KACHAHARI Inception Workshop Kicked Off

KIRDARC is implementing one year long “JAL KACHAHARI: A multi-stakeholder process for resilient water resources management in Karnali Basin” project at Rajapur Municipality, Bardia, Lower Karnali Watershed and Narharinath Rural Municipality, Bardia, Middle Karnali Watershed to enhance the capacity of communities, local government, civil society and the private sector to enhance community resilience to climate change through improved water management at the watershed and river basin level.  The project aims to:

  • Foster collaboration and partnerships through multi-stakeholders’ dialogues
  • Empower  communities to take actions that build climate resilience and
  • Strengthen local government’s capacity through the support in preparation of local plans, including Local Adaptation Plan for Action (LAPA) and Community Adaptation Plan for Action (CAPA)

Project will be organized in coordination with Rajapur Municipality and Narharinath Rural Municipality. Project Inception workshop was organized at Rajapur last week which was attended by Mayor of Rajapur, elected representatives, frontline community members, CBO”s representative, media and members of mother’s group and member of marginalized community.  Project is funded by USAID and technically support by DAI.


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