Celebration of World Menstrual Hygiene Day

Celebration of World Menstrual Hygiene Day

On 28th May 2014, KIRDARC Nepal in close coordination with District Health Office & Education office in Mid-western region (Karnali region including Surkhet) celebrated the World’s First Menstrual Hygiene Day. District Education Office and District Health Office of each district lead the program and NGOs and INGOs working in the area jointly celebrated the program. The day was celebrated with an objective of raising awareness about menstrual hygiene management and the ill practices and traditions about menstruation in the society.

Different activities were performed on the day such as orientation, interaction and documentary show at different schools.  The report received from different districts of Mid-western development concluded that “Child marriage, lack of knowledge on proper sanitation practices and social taboos during menstruation cycle are triggering the problems and leading health condition of women more worsen. Thus, such activities are crucial factors to improve the health condition the women leading to health and happy family”.

During menstruation period women are kept on Chaugoaths (Shed). In initiation of KIRDARC Nepal a total of 85 Chaugoaths at Guthu village, Surkhet have been dismantled alone over the last one year.

 “Campaign against the social taboos is gathering wider participation from the local .It is the responsibility of one and all to fight against this sort of ill tradition.” Min Bahadur Shahi, Executive Director, KIRDARC


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