Sustainable Sanitation (UNICEF – SS)

Project Background:

ODF Photo Shahartara 4 Jul 016 Dolpa

KIRDARC is only one Civil Society Organization that has been for WASH under the leadership of DWASH-CC and DWSSDO with the financial support from SNV since 2011 in Dolpa. The total 16 VDCs have been declared as ODF out of 23 VDCs in the district. The overall sanitation access of district is 82% till April -016. The sanitation coverage for upper Dolpa VDC is ranging from 6% to 40% as per DWASH-CC. The ODF campaign in the district is going well but due to extreme geographical hardship in upper Dolpa part like Mukot, Dho, Saldang, Tinje, Vijer, and Charka VDCs heaving (3000 to 5000 altitude from the sea level, It is being more difficult to push up the peace of campaign without external support like providing some external support (cement, pipe and pan). Due to more than a week to walk on foot, the transportation cost come up extremely high and become beyond the capacity of the community there. In this regards, the access of sanitation of community as well as institutions like school is very poor in those area. The district ODF target is 2016 which seems very difficult unless and until the external effort we take. In this regard, KIRDARC Nepal aims to meet the district ODF target as well as to contribute the national target for ODF in 2017.


community people


targeted VDC will be declared ODF

Total Beneficiaries

7042 community people

Specific Outputs

6 targeted VDC will be declared as ODF