Rooting Out Poverty: Rights And Opportunity For Women In Karnali ‘SABAL Project’

Project Background:

A girl child waiting for equitable society

KIRDARC Nepal has been implementing SABAL project since February 2016 to July 2018 at Khin and Dhaulagoha VDC of Kalikot district in Karnali region with partnership of Mission East Nepal. Kheen and Dhaulagoha VDC’s are the most remote and isolated area of the Kalikot district. There are many difficulties likes: geographical, electricity, safe drinking water, transportation, communication and quality education. Kheen and Dhaulagoha VDC’s are very far from the district head quarter of Kalikot and it takes 2 days by foot to reach Manma from this VDCs. Still there has been mal practices like: child marriage and chhaupadi, there are also gender based violence, caste discrimination, gender discrimination and girls’ dropout rate is high. That’s the reason KIRDARC is working here to aware people and reduce poverty and malpractices. Through the literacy class and business entrepreneurship SABAL project will aware women group and reduce chhaupadi practice, child marriage and girls drop out rate and increase income source of community’s women.


women aware of their social and economic rights


reduction in HH discriminatory cultural chhaupadi practice


women groups have established saving funds


increase in marriage registration

Total Beneficiaries

450 women of the 18 women group

Specific Outputs

  1.  80% of the 450 vulnurable women registered have completed a full literacy course and 60% of them successfully passed the training test of all three modules
  2.  Women’s development plan including for income generation is incorporated in VDC plan
  3.  Advocacy plan of women groups
  4.  Women group conducts at least two visits year per school for assessing girl friendly learning environment
  5.  Dropout rate of girl is decreased by 20%
  6.  85% of the 250 selected women completes the vocational training sessions and secure above 60% marks in evaluation
  7.  80% women groups have established saving funds
  8.  From the second year women showcase their products in at least 2 district regional or national exhibitions annually
  9.  Women entrepreneurs connect their products with at least 3 external buyer