Early Grade Reading Project

Project Background:

KIRDARC-Nepal has been implementing its Early Grade Reading Project from the financial support of Plan International Nepal in 7 VDC of Dolpa District mainly to promote the reading habits of students of Early grade.

Dolpa, the largest district of the country has no access to education, health, sanitation, transportation and so on. In the context of education in the district, the literacy rate is below average and dropout rate of early grade is very high. So, it is necessary to improve the literacy rate of district to build a strong foundation of childhood for community sustainable development. This project is focusing primarily in improving the reading skills of students in early grades, especially in grades 1&2 o f primary level by creating adequate physical and pedagogy environment in the classroom of ECD centers and first and second grades.

The project aims to create a supportive environment so that children will be able to learn through their senses both indoors and outdoors. All the stakeholder capacity will be strengthening to ensure that a child doesn’t develop in isolation.

Therefore, to ensure increase admission of children at right age with enhanced social and pre-academic capacity for the delivery of learning outcomes in early primary grades in Dolpa district a integrated effort of members of ECDMC, SMC, PTA and VEC is required. Thus, this project aims to bridge all those gaps that play a role of hindrance for the quality performance of the children.





Total Beneficiaries

Students : 549

Teachers: 54

ECD/SMC : 145

PTA : 70

ECED Facilitators : 9

Total : 827

Specific Outputs

Outcome1. Adequate physical and pedagogy environment in the classroom of ECD (pre-primary) centers and first & second grades of schools.

    1.  Rehabilitation of ECED (pre-primary) centers, grade 1&2 classroom including provision of sitting arrangement, toilet, decoration wall, display of key visual message of early grade reading has been completed
    2.  Learning corners with availability of at least 100 different items in each ECED (pre-primary) centres (reading and printed audio visual materials) have set up.
    3.  Improving and promoting reading habits of early grades students, different books have been provided to each EGR program school.

Outcome 2 : Teachers of ECD (Pre-primary) centers and schools with improved skills and knowledge and using gender-aware approach in their classes.

    1.  Conducted training on Continue Assessment System, assessment of early grade reading progress and management of book corners

    2.  The capacity of ECDMC, SMC, PTA and VEC members have strengthened for improving their children’s performance engaging themselves.