Panel Discussion on Future of Paris Agreement: It’s Implication to Nepal


KIRDARC Nepal and Nepalese Civil Society Mountain Initiative (NCSMI) jointly organized panel discussion on future of Paris Agreement: it’s Implication to Nepal on 21st June, 2017 with an objective to bring different stakeholders and academia together to initiate broader discussion on Paris Climate Agreement and future of the agreement without USA. Around 40 participants from academia, Ministry and Government offices, media, researchers, CSOs, donors and bilateral agencies attended the discussion. Expert panel included the negotiation expert, focal point of Climate Change from Ministry of Population and Environment, CSO activists, representative from media and Climate Change network. The discussion concluded that it is the high time to play a major role from a movement of the Climate justice. America’s withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement, would affect the least developing countries like Nepal as temperature is increasing highly and accord is not going to be implemented, it could affect the countries like Nepal.  The discussion helped to facilitate exchange of information, views and perspectives regarding Donald Trump’s administration withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement and way ahead for CSo’s movement and engagement in Climate Change.



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