Health and Nutrition
Most excruciating is the child health status in the region. More than 60 percent (against the national average of 41 percent) of Karnali children under the age of five are stunted (low weight for age) primarily due to chronic under-nutrition, indicating the denied access to an adequate food supply and proper healthcare. Undernourished children are more likely to die from common childhood ailments and, for those who survive, are likely to have recurring sicknesses and faltering growth. Therefore, interventions are urgent in order to enhance nutritional status of Karnali children, providing proper
education in preparing nutritious foods with the available resources, and facilitating and capacitating the GoN mechanisms for ensuring the required food facilities in this region.


– Instituting a strong coordination and collaboration mechanism in all districts of Karnali region to ensure the basic
health facilities attained from the existing government health institutions.
– Encouraging and strengthening the state organization working in health sectors to ensure regular monitoring and follow-up of the health institutions and available resources.
– Conducting various awareness campaigns for educating people on nutritional facilities and the basic health service provided by the GoN.
– Instituting advocacy and campaigns on the issue of basic health facilities and citizens’ health rights for making government mechanisms more accountable and efficient.
– Explore and establish networking with state and non-state actors in order to strengthen and effectuate the concerted efforts in health service promotion in the region.