Democracy and Good Governance

Inadequate service delivery system of local government bodies, state institutions and duty-bearers, thereby persistence of discriminations based on caste, ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender and geographical location are attributed to the lack of democratic practices and good governance. The situation of democratic practices and good governance is bleaker in the region. The situation can be improved by promoting democratic practices and good governance among local government bodies, state institutions and stakeholders in order to undertake the fundamental rights of the citizens of Karnali region. Due to the lack of or inadequate understanding of the value of quality education by SMC and parents, lack of appropriate management capacity, specific monitoring and follow-up mechanism, several government policies and programs for promoting quality education have not been realized in the practice. Therefore, despite the fact that the overall access to education has become better in the region, but the hard-core groups: ultra poor, vulnerable, and extremely marginalized groups, are still out of school, thereby deprived of quality education
– Focused program for awareness raising and capacity building on democracy and good governance practices for
community people, integrating local institutions and district-based organizations: state and non-state duty-bearers.
– Assistance to the community based institutions in organizing several movements such as campaigning and advocacy events for pressuring the service providing organizations of state and non-state actors in ensuring democratic practices when delivering basic services.
– Expansion of democratic public sphere and certitude of wider and meaningful participation, also in the decision making, of the marginal people in order to deepen the democracy in the community and promoting good governance practice.