Mountain Conference on Rethinking Development Agenda: Advancing Resilient Livelihood of Mountain People

                                                                         Mountain Conference

Two days Mountain Conference on ‘Rethinking Development Agenda: Advancing Resilient livelihood of Mountain people ‘ was organized on December 11 and 12 2016 in Nagarkot, Bhaktapur. Wide range of public, civil society, local, and governmental and non –governmental organizations were participated in the conference. The conference was jointly organized by Karnali Integrated Rural Development and Research Centre (KIRDARC) Nepal and Nepalese Civil Society Mountain Initiative (NCSMI) .

The conference had put forward the Mountain Declaration to start Mountain Agenda momentum in Nepal through effective engagement of civil society in a co-ordinate approach and eventually enhancing visibility of mountain issues in the global processes, thus enabling better life and livelihood of mountain people in more harmony with nature.

The 7 declaration from the conference are listed as below:

  1. In the context of restructuring nation, we urge the government to re-define the mountain based on the local administrative unit and social structure.
  2. We demand an urgent need to conserve and develop the entire mountain region in view of the deteriorating and damaging physical properties: glaciers retreat, avalanches and landslides, GLOFs, soil erosion, deforestation and loss of flora and fauna.
  3. Being sensitive towards mountain cultural invasion, we demand the government to promote indigenous culture, language, knowledge, techniques and value systems by eliminating mal social practices.
  4. Mountain being the home of 1.7 million people, we demand the government to explore livelihoods opportunities and alternatives prevail over the region by promoting skills, technology, enterprises and ensuring the intellectual property rights.
  5. Mountain being the hub of abundant resources, we urge the government to create a facilitative environment for establishing world-class academia in the region.
  6. In order to materialize the aforesaid, we urge the government to strengthen existing policies and establishing new and innovative national, regional institutions and mechanisms.
  7. We are committed to implement the action plan developed by this Mountain Conference.
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