Early Grade Reading Program

Project Background:

Program conducted at Mugu

The project is developed to improve learning outcomes and equitable and inclusive education with a focus on early grade reading performance in community schools. Early grade learners will have greater opportunities to build their foundational reading skills, which are directly linked to success later in life. Establishing these strong building blocks in reading will help disadvantaged children learn to read so that they can read to learn. WEI’s support will contribute to improving learning of children, including vulnerable children such as out of school children, girls and children with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Early Grade Reading programme has implemented in 200 community schools in 2 districts, Kaiikot & Mugu provided training to Teachers. To build teachers’ teaching learning skills and firmly implant best practices in the teaching of Early Grade Reading in grades l, 2, and 3. Learning lessons from the initial project, emphasis will be placed on technical support at the district level, school level; increasing parental engagement; and developing appropriate reading/learning materials and innovative approaches for EGR for children with disabilities.

The Early Grade Reading and Math Program (EGM) is a three-year project to support to improve the foundational reading skills of primary school students in grades one through three. EGM will support the National Early Grade Reading Program (NEGRP) 2Ol4-2O19, which aims for children to read with fluency and comprehension by grade three.

Under the Child Friendly Schools initiative and through Child-Centered Teaching Learning teachers in supported schools were able to show gains in mathematics. These however were not systematically incorporated or measured. By linking Early Grade Math (EGM) to Early Grade Reading (EGR) efforts a more integrated and comprehensive early grade learning approach can be developed and tested.


Number of Students


Number of Parents


Number of SMC/PTA and Teacher

Total Beneficiaries

No. of schools – 200 ( Kalikot 120 and Mugu 80)

No of Students – 12000

No of Parents – 13000

No of SMC/PTA and Teaches – 4500

Specific Outputs

Improve early grade reading skills of students: increase the proportion of grade 1–3 public primary students who can read and Understand grade-level text.