Kabita Kumari Shahi

Water, Lighten up a Life

 “I have to wake up early in the morning and have to complete the household chores like fetching water from distance place, sweeping the home premises, cleaning pots before going to school. I have to walk 25-30 minutes to bring a bucket full of water” said Kabita Kumari Shahi. She lives in Machhali Community of Tamti VDC, which is far from the district headquarter and is located in Southern part of the Jumla district. She is studying in class 5. Spending at least two hours or so daily for fetching water from nearby polluted rivulet was her daily routine.

Water                      water 2

KIRDARC Nepal constructed six tap stands including the school tap in the community of 32 households. Kabita said excitingly “One tap stand is located nearby my home premises, it made me easier. Today I spend not more than 3 minutes for bringing a bucket full of drinking water. I like studying in home but I was not able to mange time for my study since one year. But now I am studying daily early in the morning at 6 AM to 7 AM usually.