Generating New Aspirations

10th July, 2016

Satyadevi Sarki, from dalit community, is now 9 years old and studying in grade 2 at Him Jyoti Primary School in Sarkitole, Tripurakot VDC of Dolpa district. Satyadevi was not interested to go school daily but now the situation has changed. Satyadevi and her classmates are now excited to go school every day.

KIRDARC Nepal launched EGR program to promote the reading habits of students and to increase number of children at school. Teachers use instructional and playing materials so the students are excited to learn.

“Now days, I don’t like missing my class so that I come to school every day because there are lots of learning and playing materials in the classroom which has encouraged me to read. Now there are sufficient materials to our school and environment of our classroom is pleasing. Class room is decorated with book and, audio visual display. Now my parents are also willing to send me school everyday”