Amila’s Story of Accomplishment

She was forced to marry at the age of seventeen by her parents. She could not make decision about her
own life. She lived her childhood and adolescent in paradox. However, her life has drastically changed as
she joined SABAL literacy classes.
This is a triumphant story of Amila Rokaya. She is 45 years and live with four children and her husband.
Her family is a poor family in the village. Although, unlike before; she has learnt to read, write and
knows way of keeping accounts of income and expenditure. She is very happy and grateful to KIRDARC
for providing her opportunity to learn life skills and education for livelihood. The SABAL literacy classes
have transformed the attitude of women in this rural municipality.
Her husband and she were not literate. As a result, they could not make good income in the village. Due
to the lack of income sources her husband has to go to Indian cities for making some money every year.
She has realized the importance of education and sends her two sons and two daughters to nearby
community school. She manages school fees and domestic courses out of the income made from her
small business of snacks and retail shop. She opened this business after the completion of SABAL
literacy classes.
She has been leading her group to talk against the traditionally rooted social evils in the village. Now she
is advocating for women rights and campaigning for eliminating malpractices such as chhaupadi, child
marriage and protesting against domestic violence in her village.
There used to be big problems of untouchability, domestic violence, chhaupadi, child marriage
rampantly practiced in her community. However, when such social problems were discussed in the
SABAL center; the women knew that those were the main causes of women’s backwardness in the
village. She feels much obliged to thank KIRDARC and said; “I hope SABAL center will be opened in other
wards of Palanta rural municipality too”. She hopes for further expansion of awareness against
prevalent social problems and malpractices in the district.
Nowadays, after her accomplishment of literacy classes from SABAL center, she can put forward her
demands and the needs of villagers for better provisions in the village. She feels confident at this age
that she has accomplished something which she could not have it without education through SABAL
center. As a result, she has established her own business of snacks and retail shops in the local market
at Raduneta and earning around Rs. 20, 000 per month. Now her husband supports in her business. In
the days to come she wants to expand her business to bigger scale.